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Hi Everyone,

I first found out that i could see spirits was when i was 14,
I can remenber seeing a figure and she said her name was Violet and she was fiving me the gift.
All of a sudden there was a bright light and darkness the next day when i was driving down roads there would be the odd flashes of light form out of the corner of my eye.

So my mum took me to the local spiritual church and they then told me it was true and that i had the gift and was to use it wisely.

I do stage shows around the UK and private readings I gave a reading once to Mary Berry a well known cook in the UK.

I try my best to get your loved one through but i can not garentee that person would come through, but i will try my best.
The gift is a special thing from god i beleive that everyone has the gift. they just need to find it.
If you think that you may have the gift or want to know more about it just ask in free chat and i will be happy to help you. Also any angery or swearing in chats will be banned!
Best wishes and Love
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good reading
- by teatree77, Sweden
very nice! will wait to see what comes to pass and be back for feedback.
- by someone, europe
Liam was able to give me such a wonderful connection to Jessie. He was caring and compassionate. Gave me insight and peace.
- by Janine, Northern Arizona
Don't know if we connected. He told me complete opposite of everyone else so time will tell.
- by marion, uk
Accurate and fast.
- by florysam, Romania
Very sweet, gentle man. Very precise and quick. Thanks Liam. x lynn
- by gibby59, sunderland
He made contact with a deceased love one of mine and described her well. Very encouraging person.
- by silliness, Seattle, WA

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